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Eco-Sustainable Residential Solutions

Paradise for a few – affordable for everyone!

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Welcome To The Dominican Republic!

On the Island of Hispaniola, Heart of the Caribbean.

We offer exclusive and custom residential solutions.

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We are a group of Architects, Planners and Italian Builders, specialized in implementing and managing exclusive Mansions in the Dominican Republic.

Our mission is to bring over and to guarantee the Italian quality in a new settlement, not to get “holiday homes”, but Exclusive Mansions. To achieve this, the choices of planners, suppliers and materials have been driven by the same criteria. Eco-sustainable houses and costs that are affordable for everyone.
Osa green resort: Soluzioni Abitative Eco Sostenibili

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Sustainable Buildings

Implementing an eco-sustainable house means utilizing sustainable and environmentally low impact materials, non-toxic and safe for the inhabitants health, to improve the quality of both the human life and the surrounding natural environment.
It does mean also energy efficiency, reduced consumption and investment payback in a few years.

In the Heart of the Caribbean

The Eco-Green Resort main site is located in a quiet and pristine area very close to the capitol city Santo Domingo and to the city of San Cristobal as well. We have payed attention to any detail related to safety and property protection, for an aware and conscious attitude and a lifestyle deeply surrounded by nature.

A safe investment

It does not matter if you will acquire an holiday home, a residential mansion or just a good investment, in any case our staff will be on site after the purchase, managing the maintenance and taking care of the properties. An Eco-Sustainable House is a safe investment with growing payback.

Paradise for a few, affordable for everyone!